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How to become a speaker

Future Tech - Future Society is a collaborative conference, this means that anybody can be a speaker. But, what does it mean to be a speaker? If there is a topic you are passionate about we encourage you to take lead and facilitate a session about it. It can be either a talk, a workshop, a hackathon, a case study, or anything else.
Here’s how you can become a speaker:
Step 1:
Look at the categories and topics and see if there’s something relevant for you. If you find a category or a topic you'd like to facilitate a session about, great! Proceed to step 2. Is there's a very clear topic you see within one of the categories that we have not defined let us know, we can add it!
Step 2:
Look at our page with tips on how to lead a session and refine your idea. There you get tips on what you should consider before creating a session and different types of sessions you could facilitate.
Step 3:

Get in touch with us. Fill in the contact form below and let us know what you’d like to lead a session on! 

Speaker application
What topic/problem do you want to focus on?
What is your expertise in the area?
How do you envision the session being?
See you at the event!