Here are the speakers who will be at the event. We are very excited to welcome them to Future Tech - Future Society! You can learn more about them and what they will be speaking about on this page

Gitte Jonsdatter
CIID - Innovation Studio Lead
Gitte brings a background in entrepreneurial, design-led strategy to the table when helping CIID’s business partners navigate today’s thorniest challenges. She believes that gaining insight into people’s daily lives is a springboard for innovation, and has taught this approach at CIID, and the Institute of Design at IIT.  Her talk will be about Design thinking for positive impact. "Move fast and break things" has become a familiar mantra for innovators - but a design-led approach can enhance your capacity to address the ‘wicked’ problems of complex systemic change that supports our societal and planetary health. 

Sarah Venturim Lasso

BlueBenu - Co-Founder

Sarah Venturim Lasso is passionate about innovation, sustainability, feminine empowerment, STEM exploration and making a positive impact on people, companies and on the world.  BlueBenu is developing a technology that allows the transformation of plastic pollution into clean energy, using mixed and unsorted material to produce new virgin chemicals. Her talk will explore how entrepreneurship opens doors and connects theoretical knowledge, society, technology, and government to find sustainable and economically viable solutions.

Michael Dean
Peakon - Director of employee ecxperience
Michael is director of employee experience at Peakon, the employee engagement platform. As one of the organisation’s first employees he joined the fledgling business in 2015. Today, Michael ensures that the day-to-day experience of working at Peakon aligns with the organisation’s values and enables everyone to reach their full potential.
We're excited to hear Michael speak about 'Employee Engagement in the Age of Automation' and illuminate ways in which organisations can bring the best out of people, at a time where software and robotics-driven automation is reshaping the global economy.
Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal
Frej - Founder
Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal founded FREJ being only 24 years old - not to make a lot of money but to change the Danish food production and consumption: An old, bureaucratic sector - doing business how they always did and mainly consisting of old men. Marie-Louise had a fluffy feeling that it could be done differently. Come and hear how to act and change business as usual. Your chance to make a positive impact is just one act away.
Christian Kongsgaard
Procedural Build - Co-Founder
Christian Kongsgaard is an architectural engineer focused on computational environmental design and building performance simulations with a big interest in automating analyses workflows, enabling faster and easier availability to analysis results.
He has recently co-founded a startup: Procedural Build, together with Mark Pitman and Kristoffer Negendahl. Their goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry, by delivering new digital tools and ways of collaboration.
Christian’s talk will be about his experiences from a Digital Startup in the AEC Industry
Kiann Stenkjær Hein
PUBLIC Danmark - Managing Director
Why is Government interesting to you as a startup and why are you as a startup interesting to Government? And what is GovTech? This as well as the obstacles that we see for a fruitful collaboration between Government and tech startups will be amongst the themes of my talk.
PUBLIC helps startups and tech companies to engage with the public sector and thus transform the public services by deploying innovative ideas and technologies. Kiann is Former Head of Digitalisation and IT Strategy in the Danish Ministry of Taxation. Adviser at the Digital Taskforce of the Danish Ministry of Finance. 20+ years of govt experience in Denmark and international organisations including UN HQ i New York.
Ulrik Fonsmark Andreasen
Impact Partners - Venture Partner Nordic 
As venture partner for the Nordic countries, Ulrik is looking for the next social impact businesses to invest in. Prior to being a venture partner, Ulrik was a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, working with issues such as public-private partnerships at the Global Green Growth Forum, international trade and foreign direct investments and the Danish governments green energy and environmental growth policies. Increasingly, investors are looking for projects that make sense on a social or environmental level. Social impact investment holds a double promise of both financial performance and social benefits. But what makes an investment social? And how can you measure a social impact?

Nicolai Frost and Jakob Havtorn

Corti - Machine Learning Engineers

Nicolai & Jakob have strong backgrounds in respectively mathematics and physics both work on building and improving an AI that is capable of listening to and learning from emergency calls. It instantly matches live audio with thousands of past calls, supplementing emergency dispatchers with superhuman pattern recognition. When experienced human decision-making draws on powerful AI assistance, help can be provided significantly faster and better. In their talk they will be discussing how to build such a system and the ethical concerns surrounding it.

Lars Martin Haukohl
Impactful Jobs - Founder
After a fantastic, but completely impactfail career as an innovation strategist and product designer, Lars Martin Haukohl founded Impactfuljobs.org in order to help everyone work jobs that bring the world forwards. We will spend roughly 10.000 days at work, but for many of us, it will be at jobs that doesn't make a difference, or at worst makes the world worse off. Impactful Jobs is a response to this non-sense and offers an intuitive and actionable tool to change that. Though the solution is tiny, the impact is huge. By using Impactful Jobs as an example, Lars' workshop will help you look for non-sense in the world and design tiny innovation that are big, fast and doable.

Villő Tóth

Urban Sustainability Copenhagen - Founder

Villő Tóth graduated as a sustainable agriculture and environmental engineer, but changed her career path to marketing and communications. She started the Urban Sustainability online community to provide a platform for like-minded people interested in more sustainable ways of living. She will be leading a session about how offline and online communities can help promote sustainability and create real impact.

Mads Christensen
TooGoodToGo - Store Manager
Too Good To Go connects users with delicious unsold food from a variety of shops and restaurants all over Europe. So come join the world's largest community of waste warriors!
With his talk Mads aims to give an insight into TooGoodToGo's perspective on the landscape of food waste and how they strategise their endeavours for their missionn of aiding everybody in the fight against foodwaste
Emil Bender Lassen
Project Access - Co-Founder and CEO

Charities today are too often slow-paced and ineffective - saying “startup charity” would be considered an oxymoron. Emil is the co-founder and CEO of Project Access and is on a mission to change this. Together with 250 entrepreneurial volunteer team members, he’s built Project Access into a global non-profit startup fighting inequalities in admissions to top-universities with operations in over 20 countries and Cambridge on the list of customers. In this talk, he will discuss how to run a charity as a startup.
Lucas Nygaard
Hololink - Co-Founder and CEO
With a background in the event industry, Lucas has always been passionate about creating meaningful experiences for the masses. At Hololink, he and his two Co-Founders Dennis Christiansen and Martin Vestergaard are on a mission to empower more people with the potential of Augmented Reality. In his talk, Lucas will go through the big questions we need to discuss when the internet starts to merge with the physical world. He will also talk about why we need to build the coming metaverse on the free and open internet and give a sneak-peak into how the augmented internet might look like, live on stage.
Jacob Vahr
eGro - Founder and CEO
Jacob Vahr, the founder of a cllimate startup called eGro, will present his way of viewing low tech and slow companies as the solution to our current climate change crisis. He will show how eGro using sustainable agroforestry in dry and semi arid areas of the planet will reverse climate change by doing business.
Holger Thorup, Mikkel Andersen, and  Sebastian Winther
Initiativet - Founders
People are losing faith in political institutions, while fewer and fewer people engage in political parties. Initiativet is a new form of political party seeking to increase engagement in the societal decisions that really matter. We do so through a digital platform. Since we started Initiativet, we have struggled to find the right structure in order to solve the problem. Because how much power are we really willing to delegate to our fellow citizens?
Torsten Arendrup
Coop Garage - Founder
Tosten is the foudner of Coop Garage, IT consultant, and Start Up mentor. He will be giving a talk about how we can reach SDGs and get healthy food using blockchain based food database system. He elieves this is important because most of data generated during food production is not used or shared. Food content information is limited. By sharing validated data on a trusted, secure database all stakeholders from suppliers, manufacturers over retail to consumer can benefit: production, logistics and retail can benefit from big data analysis using AI and IoT. Virtual food labelling enable that consumers can select product based on values as well as price etc.
Ninna Holst Christensen
Dit Lærinsrum - Founder
Experiencing a need to learn more and different skills than offered at the university combined with studying educational possibilities in developing countries and remote areas, sparked a life-long passion for unleashing the great potential for thriving, growing, and creating which exists inside us all. That is what inspired Ninna to create Dit Læringsrum, to inspire and support anyone with a desire to create a bigger life and contribute to a better world, to take charge of our own learning and gain agency of our attention. She will facilitate a workshop on how to be happy in your work life. “We will focus on your goals, your challenges, and your needs. Before we wrap up and go listen to the tremendously inspiring speakers, we will make sure we all feel supported for setting sails on our learning ship.”
Fascilitator: Raya Slavova
ARYZE Ambassadors:
  • Bogdan Muntean - Romania
  • Karen Teles Benitez - Brazil, Europe
  • Abishek Wadhwa - Saudi Arabia, India
  • Joan Troneus - Kenya, Sweden
ARYZE creates digital cash to make payments cheaper, faster and smarter. ARYZE seeks to be inclusive, transparent and community based. Part of team are the ARYZE Ambassadors -
international students passionate about improving the financial ecosystems of the world. Karen, Bogdan, Abishek and Joan are just some of the ambassadors and they have diverse backgrounds from Europe, Brazil, India and Kenya. Together with Raya Slavova,  Project Manager at ARYZE, they will hold a panel discussion on Financial Inclusion. The purpose of the session is to share insights regarding financial products from all over the world, current challenges and future solutions.
Frederik Østergaard Neble
Obital - CEO and Co-Founder
By developing truly scalable eye tracking software and creating some of the world’s first eye tracking enabled applications, Obital has a great potential to become one of the leading companies to define the standard of future interaction with mobile devices. Tracking where people are looking at any given moment is a extremely powerfull tool. The technology can be used for provide better independency and more self-reliance for motordisabled people. On the other hand does it provide a completely new opportunity for collecting data to personalize advertising etc. What are the possibilities and the ethical perspectives to be considered when developing this kind of technology?  

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