Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans each year,  increasing numbers of children and young people are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, disinformation is unwittingly shared on social media and algorithmic bias lurks in AI based products.  The list of world problems that we all face is long.
Today, the world needs people to solve problems that matter. It is up to us to come up with sustainable and ethical solutions to shape a better world. Join us on an event that provides you with the skill- and mindset of people who solve problems for a living.
By combing hackathons, design thinking workshop, TED-talk like speeches and demos, we delve into problem solving that matters. Topics range from Auditing Algorithms, Moral Capitalism to Innovating Waste Management. By mobilizing social scientists, lawyers, hackers, engineers, mathematicians, philosophers and many more we bring together a diverse range of voices and perspectives.
You will have the opportunity to interact with innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs through a dynamic user-generation structure that will encourage initiative, idea sharing, questioning and problem-solving .
  • Gain insights from responsible entrepreneurs and their experiences
  • Use the design thinking method to identify concrete social problems and come up with sustainable ideas to solve them
  • Dive into social impact and responsible tech and learn how to measure it
  • Understand the concept of entrepreneurship and learn how to apply it



Everything at this event will revolve around the theme: Future Tech - Future Society. The theme is broad and can include anything from looking at new tech developments, to the future of work, politics, sustainability, and anything else affected by developments in technology. Therefore we have identified six sub categories within this theme, that are further split into suggested topics for discussion.
Here is an overview of the categories and the potential topics:

Who are we?

Future Tech - Future Society is organised by Future Talent Academy, which is part of Djøf's Business Community. The Co-Founder team is a group of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people with an interest in technology, start ups, and shaping a better world.
Anna Anttila
Student at CBS
FTA Co-Founder & FTFS lead
Christina Pamela Kreutzmann
Innovation Consultant at Djøf
FTA Co-Founder
Frederik Sassi Rasmussen
Recruitment Coordinator at Soundboks
FTA Co-Founder
Ray Slavova
Project Manager at Aryze
FTA Co-Founder
Cordelia Chesnutt
Founder of Chesnutt Consulting
FTA Co-Founder
Søren Simonsen
Community Developer at Djøf business community
FTA Co-Founder

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